BRIAR.CLUB is a free web-service, where any pipe maker will be able to make his own website. You can use free third-level domain like smith.briar.club, or your own domain like smithpipes.com. It will cost you nothing, and there will never be any ads on your free website.


  1. brishuta.briar.club
  2. bondarev.briar.club
  3. gorbunov.briar.club
  4. drobot.briar.club
  5. bestik.briar.club
  6. solopipes.ru
  7. serova.briar.club
  8. loginov.briar.club
  9. krivosheev.briar.club
  10. sumar.briar.club
  11. sharyga.briar.club
  12. rdpipes.briar.club
  13. sokolik.briar.club
  14. vorobey.briar.club
  15. vasylchenko.briar.club
  16. kolmakoff.briar.club
  17. rusakov.briar.club
  18. smirnov.briar.club

If you are interested in this, please, fill this form (Russian version).

I need some group of first users for alpha-testing.

Sasha Bondarev