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Paid Service

If free service features are not enogh for you or you want not to be dependent on it, I can offer a stand-alone site on BRIAR.CLUB engine.

Your site will have the same features, and even more if you want to add something. It will have a unique design and will be made personaly for your needs. It will not be a part of BRIAR.CLUB service.


Prices below don't include any significant modifications in the engine. I can adapt it to any other goods (not only smoking pipes), I can add some fields to items forms and tables. But if you want fundamentally new engine, just describe your needs and I will count the final price.

Option 1: Stand-alone website with uniqued BRIAR.CLUB template (some small changes to make your site look not the same to others). $450
Option 2: Stand-alone website with your design, if you have a designer to make it. I just need the PSD file. The price includes HTML coding. $650
Option 3: Stand-alone website with a unique design, made for you by me. I will ofer few sketches. $950

Prices include:

  1. Single-site engine licence.
  2. Setting your hosting up, uploading and installing the website.
  3. Moving your site data from BRIAR.CLUB, if you have a site here.
  4. Or loading data from your archive, if it will be a new site.
  5. Formatting up to 10 text pages (about you, your goods, etc).
  6. Testing and debugging.

Prices don't include:

  1. Domain registration. Depending on the zone it will cost from $10 per year. Of course, you will be the owner of the domain.
  2. Site hosting. It will cost $50-100 per year depending on a company you choose.

After the site is made and launched, feel free to ask me for any changes. I offer site support for $25 per hour. Usually most of tasks take less than a hour. Of course, in warranty cases you pay nothing.